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Listing Exchange Traded Products

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are traded on Nasdaq's Global Market and must meet the applicable listing requirements set forth in the 5700 series of Nasdaq's Listing Rules.        

The fee schedule for Exchange Traded Funds (Active and Passive), Exchange Traded Notes, Linked Securities and NextShares are detailed below. Please refer to the 5900 series of the Nasdaq's Listing Rules regarding fees for other types of ETPs.

Other valuable resources may include ETP-related Nasdaq rule filings and information circulars. For more information on the listing process, rules, requirements, and fees relating to ETPs, please take a few minutes to view our frequently asked questions.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at +1 301 978 8008 or We are here to help.


ETPs: Initial Listing

All the forms required for listing ETPs can be completed electronically through the Listing Center. The Listing Center streamlines the preparation of listing applications and forms, making the listing review and approval process more efficient by pre-populating certain fields, allowing companies to upload supporting documents, and sign forms electronically. And since we can collect much of the information needed to verify compliance from publicly available sources, we have minimized the documentation you need to provide Nasdaq.

For your convenience, you can review applications and forms in preview mode. This allows you to gather the information you need without creating an account or logging in.

To complete forms electronically, users must have an account with the Listing Center. To create a new account, please follow these instructions.

Once you are logged in to the Listing Center, go to the "Create a New Form" tab and follow the prompts to complete the Listing Application for Companies Seeking to List an Exchange Traded Fund or Other Structured Product. For assistance with creating an account and completing the application, please refer to this guide.


ETPs: Continued Listing

Exchange Traded Products, including actively- and passively-managed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Notes, must meet certain listing requirements to remain listed on Nasdaq. Nasdaq has developed a guide, which can be found here, to provide an overview of the requirements applicable to ETF issuers and of Nasdaq's compliance program.

In January 2017, the SEC approved new continued listing standards for ETPs. These rules adopt as continued listing standards certain of the existing initial listing standards and clarify that ETPs are subject to Nasdaq's rules requiring notification of non-compliance with a listing standard. The approval order can be found here. The new continued listing standards were effective January 1, 2018.

In order to monitor compliance with these new requirements, Nasdaq collects certain data from ETP issuers regarding the index or reference asset underlying the ETP. ETPs need to submit index or portfolio component data on a quarterly basis based on the fund's fiscal year end or in connection with an index rebalance or reconstitution. In addition, ETPs listed pursuant to a product-specific rule filing under Rule 19b-4 are also required to submit an annual compliance certification to Nasdaq.


It is our goal to utilize technology powered by the Nasdaq Listing Center to make this process as efficient as possible. After reviewing this information, if you have questions, please contact us at +1 301 978 8008 or

Passive ETFs and ETNs                   
  Index Component File


Active ETFs                   

  Portfolio Component File


Listed Pursuant to Product Specific Rule Filing (Active or Passive)
  Portfolio Component File
  Annual Compliance Certification


The component files will be due 30 calendar days following the end of the fund's fiscal quarter and the annual compliance certification, if applicable, will be due 30 calendar days following the fund's fiscal year-end. For example, a passive ETF with a fiscal year end of January 31, 2018 would submit the index component file based on the following schedule:
Period End Date Due Date
January 31, 2018 March 2, 2018
April 30, 2018 May 30, 2018
July 31, 2018 August 30, 2018
October 31, 2018 November 30, 2018


Nasdaq will send an email reminder immediately following the ETP's period end date indicating when the submissions are due.

Index Rebalances/Reconstitutions: In lieu of submitting the quarterly component file, issuers can submit an index component file following an index rebalance or reconstitution if the rebalance or reconstitution took place within the fiscal quarter. Issuers who submit this file in connection with a rebalance or reconstitution do not have to submit a separate component file for the same quarter.

Issuers can submit component information and annual certifications using the Nasdaq Listing Center by completing the Company Event Form. ETP sponsors must use our template for submitting index or portfolio component data. For assistance with this form, please refer to the guide below. 

An updated version of the ETP compliance guide detailing the new continued listing standards and processes can be found below.                   


The fee schedule for ETFs (Active and Passive), ETNs and NextShares are below. Please refer to the 5900 series of the Nasdaq's Listing Rules or contact Nasdaq for information regarding fees for other types of ETPs.

Exchange Traded Funds
Application Fee
$1,000 per product (non-refundable)
Entry Fee
Annual Fee (Aggregated by Issuer)
Up to 1 million shares $ 6,000
1+ to 5 million shares $ 7,500
5+ to 10 million shares $ 10,000
10+ to 25 million shares $ 15,000
25+ to 50 million shares $ 20,000
50+ to 75 million shares $ 25,000
75+ to 100 million shares $ 30,000
100+ to 150 million shares $ 35,000
150+ to 250 million shares $ 40,000
250+ million shares $ 50,000
Exchange Traded Notes  
Application Fee
$1,000 per product (non-refundable)
Entry Fee
Up to 1 million shares $ 5,000
1+ to 2 million shares $ 10,000
2+ to 3 million shares $ 15,000
3+ to 4 million shares $ 17,500
4+ to 5 million shares $ 20,000
5+ to 6 million shares $ 22,500
6+ to 7 million shares $ 25,000
7+ to 8 million shares $ 27,500
8+ to 9 million shares $ 30,000
9+ to 10 million shares $ 32,500
10+ to 15 million shares $ 37,500
Over 15 million shares $ 45,000
Annual Fee (Aggregated by Issuer)
Up to 5 million shares $ 15,000
5+ to 10 million shares $ 17,500
10+ to 25 million shares $ 20,000
25+ to 50 million shares $ 22,500
Over 50 million shares $ 30,000
Application Fee
$1,000 per product (non-refundable)
Entry Fee
First Fund $ 19,000
Subsequent Funds (each) $ 6,500
Annual Fee (Per Fund)
Up to 25 million shares $ 6,500
25+ to 100 million shares $ 15,000
100+ million shares $ 25,000
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