Each trading day, Nasdaq publishes a list of Nasdaq issues that are pending suspension or delisting. An issue will appear on this list the first trading day after the issuer provides Nasdaq with notification of its intent to voluntarily delist. An issue will also appear on this list if it has been suspended for failure to meet continued listing requirements or due to other events such as expiration, redemption, or acquisition of the security.

Issues will remain on this list until the first business day after the issue is delisted. An issue is delisted 10 calendar days from the date the Form 25, Notification of Removal from Listing and/or Registration, is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These forms can be viewed by entering the company's name or the issue's symbol on the Commission's web site at


Issuer NameSymbolReasonStatusEffective DateForm 25 Date
AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.AGFSWExpirationSuspended8/5/20208/4/2020
Ascena Retail Group, Inc.ASNARegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended8/4/2020 
CryoPort, Inc.CYRXWExpirationSuspended7/30/20207/29/2020
DraftKings Inc.DKNGZOtherSuspended7/20/2020 
Endologix, Inc.ELGXRegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended7/16/2020 
Eyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.EYEGWExpirationSuspended8/6/20208/5/2020
Global Eagle Entertainment Inc.ENTRegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended8/4/2020 
International General Insurance Holdings Ltd.TIBRUOtherSuspended3/18/2020 
KemPharm, Inc.KMPHRegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended5/21/2020 
Positive Physicians Holdings, Inc.PPHI Trading  
Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp.PAACAcquisition/MergerSuspended6/17/2020 
Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp.PAACRAcquisition/MergerSuspended6/17/2020 
Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp.PAACUAcquisition/MergerSuspended6/17/2020 
Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp.PAACWAcquisition/MergerSuspended6/17/2020 
Rosehill Resources Inc.ROSERegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended8/3/20208/3/2020
Rosehill Resources Inc.ROSEURegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended8/3/20208/3/2020
Rosehill Resources Inc.ROSEWRegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended8/3/20208/3/2020
SAExploration Holdings, Inc.SAEXRegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended6/17/2020 
SB One BancorpSBBXAcquisition/MergerSuspended8/3/20207/31/2020
Schmitt Industries, Inc.SMIT Trading  
Tech Data CorporationTECDAcquisition/MergerSuspended7/1/2020 
TerraForm Power, Inc.TERPAcquisition/MergerSuspended8/3/20207/31/2020
Therapix Biosciences Ltd.TRPXRegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended7/2/2020 
VIVUS, Inc.VVUSRegulatory/Non ComplianceSuspended7/17/2020 

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