Nasdaq Equities Symbology Initiative

The Nasdaq equities exchanges currently participate in the National Market System Symbology Plan for the selection and use of 1-5 character root symbols, as governed by ISRA, the Intermarket Symbols Reservation Authority.

Nasdaq believes that all market participants benefit from a uniform symbology solution covering the root symbol for primary securities and suffices for all subordinate issue types. As members of ISRA, The Nasdaq Stock Market, and Nasdaq PHLX will continue to work jointly with the Securities and Exchange Commission, industry participants, and related trade associations to develop a suffix plan that promotes fair competition, reduces programming and operational complexity, and upholds the interests of both listed issuers and market participants.

Find the latest information about ISRA and a copy of the NMS Symbology Plan on The Options Clearing Corporation's (The OCC) website by clicking here. The OCC acts as the ISRA processor for the National Market System Plan.
Symbol Request Type
symbol_reservations_infoA trading symbol is provided to the company for the limited purpose of identifying the company's security in authorized quotation and trading systems. Nasdaq reserves the right, in its sole and final discretion, to assign, rescind, or reassign any trading symbol at any time. Please note that symbol reservations are not required for non-convertible bonds, other than baby bonds.

We recommend that you review our Frequently Asked Questions prior to completing the symbol reservation form below. Please note that Nasdaq does not reserve symbols for the Over-the-Counter or Pink Sheets.

If you are reserving a 5 character symbol we recommend that you review our list of fifth character symbol suffixes prior to your reservation.

For additional questions on reserving or changing a symbol for trading on The Nasdaq Stock Market, you may contact us at: We will respond to every inquiry in a timely manner.

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