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  • Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosure Form.  Nordic users can now electronically submit environmental, social and corporate governance metrics, which reflect best practice across these impact areas.


  • Added a new webpage for Exchange Traded Products.  This webpage includes all the information you need to know about initial and continued listing of ETPs on Nasdaq.
  • Added email preview link.  Users can now right click to email or save application and form previews provided here.
  • Easy Access to Supporting Documents.  After a form is closed, users can view documents submitted through the Listing Center from the My Forms page.
  • Added Google Site Search.  Users can now search Reference Library content, Governance Clearinghouse articles and news items as well as any PDFs posted on the Listing Center.
  • Application for Danish Investment Funds.  Users can now electronically submit applications to list Danish Investment Funds.


  • Reference Library App Released for Microsoft Devices.  Users can now download the Reference Library app to their Microsoft devices.
  • Governance Clearinghouse Content Added to Reference Library.  Users can now conduct searches of Governance Clearinghouse content using any combination of categories, subcategories and keywords.
  • Governance Clearinghouse page.  Added the following functionality:
    • Social media share icons to each story
    • "In Case You Missed It!" archive page so users can view prior postings
    • Newsletter subscription service sign up
    • RSS feed
  • Nordic Company Event Form.  First North and Regulated Market companies can use this form to provide us the required notice of stock splits or reverse splits. Certified Advisors can use this form to complete the annual certification form for First North Companies.
  • Certified Advisor Certification for First North.  A new sub-form which must be completed by the Certified Advisor as part of the initial application process was added to the First North application.


  • Reference Library.  Users can now find "Most Popular" material from individual library pages or by using the "Find" dropdown on the Advanced Search page. The ten most viewed items in each library will be marked.
  • New Governance Clearinghouse webpage to Listing Center.  We will use this website as a forum to promote dialogue and exchange ideas across a variety of topics ranging from corporate governance and market structure to ways public companies can improve boardroom diversity and voluntarily incorporate cost effective corporate sustainability initiatives into their business plans.
  • Reference Library App Released.  Users can now download the Reference Library app to their iPhone and android devices. The app includes same functionality as website and in addition, allows users to save their favorite material.
  • Removal Notification for Aged and Unsubmitted Listing Center Forms.  Owners of all pending U.S. forms that have not been updated in more than one year will be sent an email to update their form. Absent any updates, these forms will be deleted from the system.
  • iPad Compatibility.  Users can now log in to the Listing Center to create and submit online applications and forms. Note, however, that supporting documentation cannot yet be uploaded with an iPad.
  • Uploading Supporting Documentation.  Users can now upload multiple documents at one time using the Browse button.
  • iPad Compatibility.  The Reference Library can now be accessed using an iPad.


  • Opt-In Form:  All-Inclusive Annual Listing Fee.  Listed companies can complete this new form anytime before December 31, 2014 to opt-in to Nasdaq's new All-Inclusive Annual Fee program for 2015.
  • User accounts are now set to expire every 12 months.  When expired, a user must request a new activation email in order to regain access their Listing Center account.
  • My Nasdaq Analyst.  Added "My Nasdaq Analyst" feature as a menu item for all users.  When clicked, the user will see contact information for their assigned continued listing analyst. 
  • Compensation Committee Certification. Applicants and listed companies can use this new form to certify their company's compliance with, or exemption from, the amended compensation committee rules.
  • U.S. Share Certification. Non-U.S. issuers listing common or ordinary shares on the Nasdaq Global or Global Select Market can now complete a U.S. Share Certification Form for 2014.
  • Dividend/Distribution/Interest Payment Form. Companies can now complete disclosure notifications to Nasdaq MarketWatch while completing their Dividend Form.   
  • Hearing Request Form.  Applicants and listed companies can use this new form to submit hearing requests.
  • Dividend/Distribution/Interest Payment Form.  Companies can now report interest payments for debt instruments electronically.
  • Reference Library - Mailto Link. A new Mailto Link, which will appear on the search results page after a search is executed, will allow users to send a link via email to specific Reference Library materials.
  • Shares Outstanding Change Form.  Companies can now report share issuances from treasury on a quarterly basis using this form.
  • Security.  Upgraded the Listing Center's security authentication software so that users no longer need Flash installed on their computer.  
  • Company Event Notification. This new form replaces both the Substitution Listing Event and Change in Company Record Forms.
    Companies can use this form to provide us the required notice of the following events:
    - Change in Company Name, Symbol, Security Title or Par Value
    - Reverse stock split
    - Re-incorporation or a change in the company's place of organization
    - Substitution listing or exchange of securities
    - Update to the Corporate Governance Certification or Listing Agreement.
  • Dividend Form. This form will now pre-populate contact information and select other fields for cash dividends using information from your company's last Dividend form submission.
  • LAS Form. This form will now pre-populate contact information using information from your company's last LAS form submission.
  • Certification of Distribution Shares. This paper form is now an electronic sub-form associated with the First North Company Application.
  • First North Application.  Nordic issuers can complete electronic applications to list equity securities on the First North and First North Premier Markets.
  • Rule Interpretation Requests.  U.S. applicants can now submit Rule Interpretation Requests on line.  
  • Dividend/Distribution Form
    • Issuers of American Depositary Shares can now use the Dividend/Distribution Form to report dividends.
    • Supporting documents can now be submitted electronically along with this form.  


  • Issuers listed on the U.S. market can submit Dividend/Distribution Forms for cash and non-cash dividends and distributions electronically through the Listing Center.
  • Companies listing on any of the Nordic exchanges can now submit Symbol Reservation Requests and Company Logo Submission Forms electronically.
  • Introduced the Listing Center's Reference Library. Our Reference Library is organized into three individual libraries: Frequently Asked Questions, Staff Interpretation Letters and Listing Council Decisions.  Users can now conduct searches across libraries, using any combination of categories, subcategories and keywords.  See our Quick Start Guide. 
  • Posted new Dividend/Distribution Form.  This new form combines two forms (i.e., the Cash Dividend/Distribution Form and the Non-Cash Dividend/Distribution Form) into one.
  • Revised Substitution Listing Event Form.
  • Updated Privacy Statement. 
  • Introduced two new guides: Initial Listing Guide and Continued Listing Guide.  These guides are designed to provide companies and their advisors with a practical guide to being listed on Nasdaq, including important information about listing standards, disclosure and notification requirements and fees.   These guides replace the Listing Application Informational Guide, Regulatory Requirements and Listing Standards and Fees documents, which were retired.
  • Introduced new menu navigation.
  • Issuers can now notify Nasdaq of changes in the number of shares outstanding electronically by completing a Shares Outstanding Change Form through the Listing Center.
  • The names of Board Members will now be pre-populated for most seasoned applicants.

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