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Frequently Asked Questions
  Are there any special considerations regarding the transfer agent? What is the LPA Number and where can I find this number?
Identification Number 46
Securities of companies listing on Nasdaq are required to be eligible for a Direct Registration Program operated by a clearing agency registered under Section 17A of the Exchange Act, such as the one offered by The Depositary Trust Company (DTC). To be eligible, an issuer is required to use a transfer agent that meets DTC's insurance and connectivity requirements. Further, the transfer agent must instruct DTC to designate the Company's securities as direct registered eligible securities. In addition, the issuer's governing documents, such as its by-laws, must permit securities that are not represented by certificates. This rule does not apply to non-equity securities, which are book-entry-only.
The Limited Participant Account (LPA) Number is a 4 digit account number assigned by DTC. This number can be found by contacting your transfer agent.
Publication Date*: 7/31/2012 Mailto Link Identification Number: 46
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