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Frequently Asked Questions
  When is a company required to file the Listing of Additional Shares (LAS) Notification Form?
Identification Number 382

All companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market, except companies that list only ADRs or ADSs, are required to notify Nasdaq at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to:
  • Issuing any common stock, or security convertible into common stock, in connection with the acquisition of the stock or assets of another company, if any officer or director or substantial shareholder of the issuer has a five percent or greater interest (or if such persons collectively have a 10% or greater interest), directly or indirectly, in the company or assets to be acquired or in the consideration to be paid.
  • Issuing securities that may potentially result in a change of control of the issuer.
  • Establishing, or materially amending, a stock option plan, purchase plan or other equity compensation arrangement, pursuant to which stock may be acquired by officers, directors, employees, or consultants unless shareholder approval has been obtained. However, when a company makes an equity grant to induce an individual to accept employment, notification is required to be filed no later than the earlier of: (i) five calendar days after an offer of employment is accepted, or other agreement made, pursuant to which inducement grants will be issued; or, (ii) the date the company discloses the material terms of the grant in a press release.
  • Issuing any common stock, or any security convertible into common stock, in a transaction that may result in the potential issuance of common stock, greater than 10% of either the total shares outstanding or the voting power outstanding on a pre-transaction basis.


Publication Date*: 9/9/2021 Mailto Link Identification Number: 382
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