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Frequently Asked Questions
  Does Nasdaq require the filing of SEC reports and documents?
Identification Number 313
Yes. Nasdaq-listed companies are required to file with Nasdaq copies of all reports and other documents filed or required to be filed with the SEC (or other appropriate regulatory authority) on or before the applicable due date. This requirement is considered fulfilled if the company files the report or document with the SEC through the EDGAR system. A company that does not file through the EDGAR system is required to provide two copies of the report to Nasdaq unless the company emails a copy to Please see the Distribution of Annual & Interim Reports Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding the filing of SEC periodic reports.
Banks and officers and directors of listed companies that file with the FDIC must still provide paper copies to Nasdaq. Currently, Nasdaq systems do not have an electronic link with FDICconnect; therefore, Nasdaq is not notified when filings are made through that system.
For additional information regarding the reporting requirements of Nasdaq's listed companies, please refer to the Continued Listing Guide.
Publication Date*: 7/31/2012 Mailto Link Identification Number: 313
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