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Frequently Asked Questions
  What factors does Nasdaq consider when determining whether to aggregate the shares issued in separate transactions for purposes of determining whether the threshold for shareholder approval has been triggered?
Identification Number 283
In deciding whether to aggregate transactions to determine whether shareholder approval is required, Nasdaq will consider whether the company is engaging in a stand-alone transaction or a series of issuances.

In general, Nasdaq will consider the following factors in making this determination:
    • Timing of the issuances - Timing alone is not necessarily a determining factor, and there is no definitive time period as to whether transactions are aggregated. Generally, if there are no other linkage factors present, transactions more than six months apart would not be aggregated;
    • Initiation of the subsequent transaction or transactions - At the time of the first transaction, was the company already planning the subsequent transaction? Did it already expect that it would have to raise additional capital?;
    • Commonality of investors - Transactions with common investors are more likely to be aggregated. In addition, the time period over which transactions would be aggregated, may be extended when there are common investors;
    • Existence of any contingencies between the issuances or transactions - Are the sales contingent upon one another? For example, a company may be required to obtain an equity line of credit before completing a discounted private placement;
    • Commonality as to the use of the proceeds/Same plan of financing - Transactions may be aggregated if they are used for the same purpose or plan of financing; and
    • Timing of the board of directors approval.
When transactions are aggregated, the calculation total shares outstanding or total voting power outstanding is made based on the shares and votes outstanding prior to the closing of the first issuance.
Publication Date*: 7/31/2012 Mailto Link Identification Number: 283
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