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Frequently Asked Questions
  Does a sale of securities in a transaction (other than a public offering) at a discount to the market value to officers, directors, employees, or consultants require shareholder approval under Listing Rule 5635(c)?
Identification Number 275

Yes. The issuance of common stock (or equivalents) or securities convertible into or exercisable for common stock to officers, directors, employees, or consultants at a price less than the market value of the stock is considered a form of "equity compensation" and requires shareholder approval unless the issuance is part of a public offering (as described in IM-5635-3). For this purpose, market value is the consolidated closing bid price immediately preceding the time the company enters into a binding agreement to issue the securities.

Issuances to an entity controlled by an officer, director, employee, or consultant of the listed company may also be considered equity compensation under certain circumstances, such as where the issuance would be accounted for under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as equity compensation or result in the disclosure of compensation under the applicable provisions of Regulation S-K.

Note that this provision also applies to limited partnerships, which are required by Rule 5615(a)(4)(H) to obtain the same approval for equity compensation as would be required under Rule 5635(c) and IM-5635-1. Also note that the Minimum Price, as defined in Listing Rule 5635(d), is not applicable to Listing Rule 5635(c) and thus is not relevant to this FAQ.

A company considering an issuance to an entity controlled by an officer, director, employee, or consultant is encouraged to contact its Listing Qualifications analyst by phone at +1 301 978 8008 to discuss the transaction prior to entering into a definitive agreement.

Publication Date*: 10/10/2018 Mailto Link Identification Number: 275
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