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Frequently Asked Questions
  Do plans or arrangements involving a merger or acquisition require shareholder approval under Listing Rule 5635(c)?
Identification Number 243
Under IM-5635-1, plans or arrangements involving a merger or acquisition do not require shareholder approval under Listing Rule 5635(c) in two situations.
First, shareholder approval will not be required to convert, replace or adjust outstanding options or other equity compensation awards to reflect the transaction.
Second, shares available under certain plans acquired in acquisitions and mergers may be used for certain post-transaction grants without further shareholder approval. This exception applies to situations where the party which is not a listed company following the transaction has shares available for grant under pre-existing plans that meet the requirements of this Listing Rule 5635(c). The assumed plans of the target must have been approved by the target's shareholders. The shares may be used for post-transaction grants of options and other equity awards by the listed company (after appropriate adjustment of the number of shares to reflect the transaction), either under the pre-existing plan or arrangement or another plan or arrangement, without further shareholder approval, provided: (i) the time during which those shares are available for grants is not extended beyond the period when they would have been available under the pre-existing plan, absent the transaction, and (ii) such options and other awards are not granted to individuals who were employed by the granting company or its subsidiaries at the time the merger or acquisition was consummated. Nasdaq would view a plan or arrangement adopted in contemplation of the merger or acquisition transaction as not pre-existing for purposes of this exception.
Publication Date*: 7/31/2012 Mailto Link Identification Number: 243
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