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Frequently Asked Questions
  How should companies gather board diversity data to complete the Matrix?
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Directors and nominees are typically required to complete a directors’ and officers’ (D&O) questionnaire and attest to the accuracy of their responses. A company would then use the director’s information provided in the D&O questionnaire to ensure that the company has accurately disclosed information in its SEC filings. Companies may want to consider including voluntary board diversity questions in their annual D&O questionnaire. Sample diversity questions a company may want to consider including in their D&O questionnaire are available here

Directors may choose to opt out rather than reveal their diversity characteristics to the company.  In that case, the company would identify these directors in the “Did Not Disclose” category in the board diversity matrix.  If a company is unable to meet the applicable diversity objectives as a result, the company may provide an alternative public disclosure under Rule 5605(f)(3) explaining that the company has directors who do not wish to be identified or counted as diverse in order to satisfy the Rule. Please see FAQs 1768 and 1778.  

Publication Date*: 1/16/2023 Mailto Link Identification Number: 1803
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