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Frequently Asked Questions
  Can a company be delisted for failing to add the minimum diverse board members or for failing to disclose board diversity metrics as required by Nasdaq's Board Diversity Rule?
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If a company (i) does not meet the diversity objectives set forth under Rule 5605(f)(2) and also does not provide an explanation as set forth in Rule 5605(f)(3) (and is not otherwise subject to a grace period), then Nasdaq’s Listing Qualifications Department would promptly notify the company that it has until the later of its next annual shareholders meeting or 180 days from the event that caused the deficiency to cure the deficiency. The company can cure the deficiency either by meeting the applicable minimum diversity objectives of Rule 5605(f)(2) or providing an explanation as set forth in Rule 5605(f)(3).  If a company does not regain compliance within the applicable cure period, the Listings Qualifications Department would issue a Staff Delisting Determination Letter.  A company that receives a Staff Delisting Determination can appeal the determination to the Hearings Panel through the process set forth in Rule 5815.

If a company does not disclose board diversity matrix as set forth in Rule 5606, Nasdaq will notify the company that it is not in compliance with a listing requirement, and the company will be allowed 45 calendar days to submit a plan sufficient to satisfy Nasdaq staff that the company has adopted processes and procedures designed to identify and disclose the information required under Rule 5606 in the future. If the company does not do so, it would be issued a Staff Delisting Determination, which the company could appeal to a Hearings Panel pursuant to Rule 5815.

Publication Date*: 8/18/2021 Mailto Link Identification Number: 1766
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