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  Staff Interpretation Letter 2012-6
Identification Number 1065

This is in response to your correspondence requesting an exception from the shareholder approval requirements under Listing Rule 5635(f) with respect to a proposed issuance of securities (the “Proposed Transaction”). In addition, you asked about the applicability of the voting rights requirements of Listing Rule 5640 and IM-5640 to the Proposed Transaction.

The Company is in the pharmaceutical industry and has invested substantially all of its efforts and financial resources into the development of a single new pharmaceutical product (the “Product”), which has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Admiration (the “FDA”). The company expects that the FDA will complete the current stage of its review within approximately three months. The Company has not yet generated any product revenues and has funded its operations through credit facilities and the issuance of debt and equity securities. 

You stated that the Company has a working capital deficit of several million dollars and that without additional capital it is in imminent danger of being unable to meet its monthly debt service, office lease, payroll and other obligations. As part of its plan to reduce expenses, the Company has already reduced its workforce by approximately 50% and has temporarily amended its credit agreement to achieve additional liquidity. You also stated that due to the extent of the Company's payment delinquencies, certain vendors performing activities critical to the FDA’s review of the Product have informed the Company that they will cease performing services until past due payments are received. In addition, the Company faces the imminent risk of default under its secured credit facility, which could result in immediate insolvency. As such, you have stated that unless the Company can quickly complete the Proposed Transaction, it would likely have to cease operations or file for bankruptcy protection. 

You stated that over the past ten months the Company, together with its financial advisors, has unsuccessfully sought other financing sources and had discussions with over 50 prospective investors. The Company believes that its only viable alternative is the Proposed Transaction. In the Proposed Transaction, the Company would sell shares of voting preferred stock, convertible into shares of common stock, and warrants, exercisable for additional shares of common stock, to several purchasers including two current shareholders. Both the conversion price of the preferred stock and the exercise price of the warrants would be at discount to the market value of the common stock. The number of shares of common stock potentially issuable would equal approximately 65% of the Company’s outstanding shares on a post-transaction basis. The voting power of the preferred stock would be limited to that number of votes equal to the number of shares of common stock into which the preferred stock would be convertible if it were converted at market value on the date of the definitive purchase agreement. The purchasers would be entitled to appoint directors proportional with their ownership position. The number of directors they could appoint would decline proportionally with a decline in their ownership position in the Company. 

The Company expects that the Proposed Transaction would be sufficient to fund its operations for the next 12 months and that the Company would satisfy NASDAQ’s continued listing requirements throughout that time. In addition, the Company would be able support the FDA approval process for the Product. 

Without the requested exception, the Proposed Transaction would require shareholder approval pursuant to Listing Rule 5635(d) because the issuance would exceed 20% of the pre-transaction outstanding shares at a price less than the greater of book or market value. You stated that a delay in securing shareholder approval would seriously jeopardize the financial viability of the Company, that the purchasers in the Proposed Transaction are unwilling to structure the financing in a manner that would not require shareholder approval, and that the Company does not have sufficient cash to sustain it through a shareholders’ meeting. 

Based on our review of the circumstances described in your correspondence and on your representations regarding the Company’s financial condition, we have determined to grant the requested exception to the shareholder approval rules. This determination is based on your representations that the Company needs to quickly proceed with the Proposed Transaction to avoid bankruptcy. The exception is subject to the following: (i) the Company must mail to all shareholders, not later than ten days before the issuance of any securities, a letter describing the Proposed Transaction and alerting shareholders of the omission to seek their otherwise required approval; (ii) the letter must indicate that the audit committee, or a comparable independent body of the board of directors, has expressly approved reliance on the exception; and (iii) the Company must make a public announcement by filing a Form 8-K, where required by rules of the SEC, or by issuing a press release, disclosing the same information as required in the letter as promptly as possible, but no later than ten days before the issuance of the securities. We note that the Proposed Transaction would comply with Listing Rule 5640 and IM-5640 and therefore does not require an exception from these requirements.

Publication Date*: 12/18/2012 Mailto Link Identification Number: 1065
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