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Chapter 18. Arbitration
Rule 1800. Arbitration

(a) General. The Rule 12000 Series and Rule 13000 Series of the FINRA Manual (Code of Arbitration Procedures for Customer Disputes and Code of Arbitration Procedures for Industry Disputes) (the "FINRA Code of Arbitration"), as the same may be in effect from time to time, shall govern Exchange arbitrations except as may be specified in this Rule 1800. Definitions in the FINRA Code of Arbitration shall have the same meaning as that prescribed therein, and procedures contained in the FINRA Code of Arbitration shall have the same application as toward Exchange arbitrations.

(b) Jurisdiction. Any dispute, claim, or controversy arising out of or in connection with the business of any Member of the Exchange, or arising out of the employment or termination of employment of associated person(s) with any Member may be arbitrated under this Rule 1800 except that (1) a dispute, claim, or controversy alleging employment discrimination (including a sexual harassment claim) in violation of a statue may only be arbitrated if the parties have agreed to arbitrate it after the dispute arose; and (2) any type of dispute, claim, or controversy that is not permitted to be arbitrated under the FINRA Code of Arbitration, such as class action claims, shall not be eligible for arbitration under this Rule 1800.

(c) Predispute Arbitration Agreements. The requirements of FINRA Rule 2268 shall apply to predispute arbitration agreements between Members and their customers.

(d) Referrals. If any matter comes to the attention of an arbitrator during and in connection with the arbitrator's participation in a proceeding, either from the record of the proceeding or from material or communications related to the proceeding, that the arbitrator has reason to believe may constitute a violation of the Exchange's Rules or the federal securities laws, the arbitrator may initiate a referral of the matter to the Exchange for disciplinary investigation; provided, however, that any such referral should only be initiated by an arbitrator after the matter before him has been settled or otherwise disposed of, or after an award finally disposing of the matter has been rendered pursuant to Rule 12904 or Rule 13904 (as applicable) of the FINRA Code of Arbitration.

(e) Payment of Awards. Any Member, or person associated with a Member, who fails to honor an award of arbitrators appointed in accordance with the Rules in this Chapter 18 shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings in accordance with Rule 9554.

(f) Other Exchange Actions. The submission of any matter to arbitration under this Chapter shall in no way limit or preclude any right, action or determination by the Exchange which it would otherwise be authorized to adopt, administer or enforce.

Adopted October 9, 2018 (SR-ISE-2018-85), operative November 9, 2018.

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