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Options 6D Net Capital Requirements
Section 1. Minimum Requirements

Each Member subject to Rule 15c3-1 under the Exchange Act shall comply with the capital requirements prescribed therein and with the additional requirements of this Options 6D. Market makers must also comply with the minimum financial requirements contained in Options 2, Section 2.

[Adopted June 6, 2019 (SR-ISE-2019-17).]

Section 2. "Early Warning" Notification Requirements

Every Member subject to the reporting or notification requirements of Rule 17a-11 under the Exchange Act or the "early warning" reporting, business restriction or business reduction requirements of another national securities exchange, registered securities association or registered securities clearing organization shall promptly notify the Exchange in writing and shall thereafter file with the Exchange such reports and financial statements as may be required by the Exchange.

[Adopted June 6, 2019 (SR-ISE-2019-17).]

Section 3. Power of President to Impose Restrictions

Whenever it shall appear to the President of the Exchange that a Member obligated to give notice to the Exchange under Options 6D, Section 2 is unable within a reasonable period to reduce the ratio of its aggregate indebtedness to net capital, or to increase its net capital, to a point where it is no longer subject to such notification obligations, or that such Member is engaging in any activity which casts doubt upon its continued compliance with the net capital requirements, the President may impose such conditions and restrictions upon the operations, business and expansion of such Member and may require the submission of, and adherence to, such plan or program for the correction of such situation as he determines to be necessary or appropriate for the protection of investors, other Members and the Exchange.

[Adopted June 6, 2019 (SR-ISE-2019-17).]

Section 4. Joint Back Office Arrangements

An arrangement may be established between two or more registered broker-dealers pursuant to Regulation T Section 220.7 to form a joint back office ("JBO") arrangement for carrying and clearing or carry accounts of participating broker-dealers. Members must provide written notification to their Designated Examining Authority prior to establishing a JBO arrangement.

(a) A carrying and clearing, or carry member must:

(1) maintain a minimum tentative net capital of $25 million as computed pursuant to Rule 15c3-1 of the Exchange Act, except that a Member whose primary business consists of the clearance of options Market Maker accounts, may carry JBO accounts provided that it maintains a minimum net capital of $7 million as computed pursuant to Rule 15c3-1 of the Exchange Act. In addition, the Member must include in its ratio of gross options Market Maker deductions to net capital required by the provisions of Rule 15c3-1 of the Exchange Act, gross deductions for JBO participant accounts. Clearance of option Market Maker accounts shall be deemed a broker-dealer's primary business if a minimum of 60% of the aggregate deductions in the above ratio are options Market Maker deductions. In the event that a carrying and clearing, or carrying member's tentative net capital, or net capital, respectively, has fallen below the above requirements, the Member shall (i) promptly notify the Exchange in writing of such deficiency and (ii) take appropriate action to resolve such deficiency within three consecutive business days, or not permit any new transactions to be entered into pursuant to the JBO agreement;

(2) maintain a written risk analysis methodology for assessing the amount of credit extended to participating broker-dealers which shall be made available to the Exchange upon request; and

(3) deduct from net capital haircut requirements pursuant to Rule 15c3-1 of the Exchange Act in excess of the equity maintained in the accounts of the participating broker-dealers.

(b) A participating broker-dealer must:

(1) be a registered broker-dealer subject to the SEC's net capital rule;

(2) maintain an ownership interest in the carrying/clearing member pursuant to Regulation T of the Federal Reserve Board Section 220.7; and

(3) maintain a minimum liquidating equity of $1 million in the JBO arrangement exclusive of the ownership interest established in subparagraph (b)(2) above. When the minimum liquidating equity decreases below the $1 million requirement, the participant must deposit an amount sufficient to eliminate this deficiency within five (5) business days or be subject to the margin account requirements prescribed for customers in Regulation T, and the margin requirements pursuant to Exchange Options 6C, Section 3.

[Adopted June 6, 2019 (SR-ISE-2019-17).]

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