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Options 6A Closing Transactions
Section 1. Contracts of Suspended Participants

(a) When an Options Participant, other than a Clearing Participant, is suspended pursuant to Chapter X of these Rules (Summary Suspension), all open short positions of the suspended Options Participant in options contracts and all open positions resulting from exercise of options contracts, other than positions that are secured in full by a specific deposit or escrow deposit in accordance with the Rules of the Clearing Corporation, shall be closed without unnecessary delay by all Participants carrying such positions for the account of the suspended Participant; provided that BX Regulation may cause the foregoing requirement to be temporarily waived for such period as it may determine if it shall deem such temporary waiver to be in the interest of the public or the other Participants of BX Options.

(b) No temporary waiver hereunder by BX Regulation shall relieve the suspended Options Participant of its obligations or of damages, nor shall it waive the close out requirements of any other Rules.

(c) When a Clearing Participant is suspended pursuant to Chapter X (Summary Suspension) of these Rules, the positions of such Clearing Participant shall be closed out in accordance with the Rules of the Clearing Corporation.

Adopted October 23, 2019 (SR-BX-2019-039).

Section 2. Failure to Pay Premium

(a) When the Clearing Corporation shall reject a BX Options Transaction because of the failure of the Clearing Participant acting on behalf of the purchaser to pay the aggregate premiums due thereon as required by the Rules of the Clearing Corporation, the Options Participant acting as or on behalf of the writer shall have the right either to cancel the transaction by giving notice thereof to the Clearing Participant or to enter into a closing writing transaction in respect of the same options contract that was the subject of the rejected BX Options Transaction for the account of the defaulting Clearing Participant.

(b) Such action shall be taken as soon as possible, and in any event not later than 10:00 A.M. EST on the business day following the day the BX Options Transaction was rejected by the Clearing Corporation.

Adopted October 23, 2019 (SR-BX-2019-039).

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