The Nasdaq Investigations and Enforcement Team (the “I&E Team”) is part of Nasdaq Regulation.  Our mission is to protect investors and market integrity by investigating instances of possible misconduct and enforcing the rules of Nasdaq’s three equities markets (The Nasdaq Stock Market, LLC; Nasdaq BX, Inc.; and PSX), six options markets (The Nasdaq Options Market, LLC; Nasdaq BX Options; Nasdaq PHLX LLC; Nasdaq ISE, LLC; Nasdaq GEMX, LLC; and Nasdaq MRX, LLC) (collectively, “Nasdaq”), and the federal securities laws.

Nasdaq’s I&E Team focuses on the regulation of Nasdaq member firms and associated persons. Nasdaq has the authority to investigate, prosecute and discipline those member firms and associated people, and to impose fines and other sanctions against them if it finds that they have violated the aforementioned rules.   



Nasdaq’s authority to investigate and discipline non-member firms and individuals is limited, and investors are better served by contacting other regulators with questions and concerns regarding such firms and activities. Below is a list of issues that are beyond our jurisdiction or that are principally handled by other regulators.  Should your concern fall within these areas, please direct your complaint to the appropriate party below:

Nature of ConcernRefer to                                   
Insider TradingSEC or FINRA
Order activity occurring on a non-Nasdaq exchange Exchange on which the conduct took place
Unfair sales or business practice, or if you believe you have been defrauded by a brokerage firm FINRA
Short selling locate failures FINRA


Please note that the I&E Team will not review complaints pertaining to the items above.

Additionally, several departments within Nasdaq process requests related to the listing of companies that trade on Nasdaq or the rules that apply to those listed companies.  Below is a list of contacts for such inquiries:

Nature of ConcernRefer to                                   
Disclosure of material news, company press releases, regulation FD compliance, trading halts
Nasdaq Listed Company and Continued Listing Requirements, Deficiency
Rule Interpretation Requests, Corporate Governance Requirements


If you have a tip or complaint that one of our members may be violating Nasdaq rules or the federal securities laws, please contact us by emailing  Please be specific with your tip or complaint and provide as many relevant details as possible to aid our review of your concern.  

Please be aware that the I&E Team cannot investigate your complaint without appropriate background information.  In order to expedite our ability to respond to your concern, your tip or complaint should provide information that includes the following, if applicable:

A clear, concise summary of the complaint or inquiry
The security’s name and its ticker symbol
Names of the member firm and/or associated person
Date of the trade(s)
Specific order information, including order type (buy, sell, limit price or market order, etc.) and order size
If you do not wish to remain anonymous, provide your full name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

If applicable, please identify when and by whom the matter may have been previously referred or reviewed. 

Requests are typically handled in the order in which complete information is received.   We cannot process requests without complete information.

Please be sure to keep copies of any correspondence for your records, along with originals of any documentation.

Please note the I&E Team will not share the details of its investigations or regulatory methodologies with complainants and it does not offer incentives of any kind in exchange for this information. The I&E Team shall investigate possible violations within the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Nasdaq whenever the I&E Team determines in its sole discretion that there is a reasonable basis for it to do so.



If you are looking to contact other Nasdaq resources, please view our Contact Us page.

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