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Contact For Questions about By Phone or Email
New Listings & Capital Markets New Company Listings, including Companies Switching from Other Exchanges Phone: +1 301 978 8008
Email: listingapplications@nasdaq.com
Corporate Communications General Press and Photo Inquiries Email: CorporateCommunications@nasdaq.com
Corporate Data Operations Stock Splits/Dividends, Company Reorganizations, Name and Symbol Changes Phone: +1 203 926 3501 or + 1 877 308 0523
Email: nasdaqreorgs@nasdaq.com
Corporate Solutions Products and Services, including Boardvantage                            Email: corporatesolutions@nasdaq.com
Finance Customer Response Team Payments and Invoices Phone: +1 301 978 4960 or +1 800 955 3898
Email: ndqbilling@nasdaq.com
Listing Center Support Desk Problems Logging In and Other Technical Questions Phone: +1 301 978 8001
Listing Qualifications Application Process, Initial Listing Standards
Continued Listing Requirements, Deficiency Process
Rule Interpretation Requests, Corporate Governance Requirements
Listing of Additional Shares
Phone: +1 301 978 8008
Email: listingapplications@nasdaq.com
Email: continuedlisting@nasdaq.com
Email: staffinterpretations@nasdaq.com
Email: las@nasdaq.com
Market Intelligence Desk (MID) The overall marketplace, realtime quotes, trading analysis, and MID reports Phone: +1 646 344 7800
Email: Market.IntelligenceDesk@nasdaq.com
MarketWatch Disclosure of Material News, Company Press Releases, Regulation FD Compliance, Trading Halts Phone: +1 301 978 8500 or +1 800 537 3929
Email: nasdaqmarketwatch@nasdaq.com
Market Regulation Member Firm Conduct and Trading Rules Email: RegulationQuestions@nasdaq.com
Hearings Department Hearing Requests and Process Phone: +1 301 978 8203
Email: Market.IntelligenceDesk@nasdaq.com
Symbol Reservation Team Reserving or changing a symbol for trading on The Nasdaq Stock Market
Phone: +1 212 231 5530
Email: symbol.reservation@nasdaq.com
Contact For Questions about Exchange Traded Products By Phone or Email
Listing Qualifications - Initial and Continued Listings ETP Listing Applications (including switched from other exchanges)
ETP initial and continued listing standards and processes
Ben Haskell
Director, ETP Regulation
+1 301 978 8092
ETP Listing Services and Sales ETP Listings
Benefits of a Nasdaq Liquidity Programs
Paul Roland
Head of ETP Listings & Services
+1 215 496 5209
Office of General Counsel ETP Rule Filings
Jonathan Cayne
Senior Associate General Councel
+1 301 978 8493

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