The Listing Center: 10 Years of Continued Innovation
Publication Date: June 14, 2019

From billion-dollar unicorns like Beyond Meat (Nasdaq: BYND) and Lyft (Nasdaq: LYFT) to $100 million pharmaceutical companies, Nasdaq is the exchange of choice for many companies seeking funding in the public equity markets.  Listing on Nasdaq is only the beginning of a company’s journey, however, and Nasdaq works hard behind the scenes to facilitate a smooth transition from private to public company.  That’s where the Listing Center comes in. 

Innovation is part of Nasdaq’s DNA

We were the first market to introduce an electronic listing application process and are still the only U.S. market with an entirely online system for submitting applications and forms. Since we launched the Listing Center 10 years ago, companies have submitted more than 60,000 applications and forms.  We now have more than 11,000 active account holders on the Listing Center and our users generate more than 800,000 page views a year.

Our digital listing platform processed more than 8,500 U.S. company applications and forms in 2018 alone.  Another 3,000 applications were generated by issuers listing securities on our Nordic exchanges. 

Over time, the Listing Center has evolved beyond an electronic submission portal for notification forms to include a robust Reference Library designed to bring transparency to our listing rules, policies and procedures.  Today, our library contains hundreds of listing-related frequently asked questions (FAQs), Listing Council Decisions and staff interpretations. In 2018, we added a new library for Market Regulation content to help answer questions on a myriad of market surveillance and regulatory issues. Users can search our resources by category and using keywords.  Users can also share individual FAQs or groups of FAQs by clicking the envelope icon on the search results page. 

These reference libraries continue to be extremely popular and generate about 20% of the traffic on the Listing Center.  Given the high volume of use and that users are increasingly accessing the internet through mobile devices, in 2015 we created a mobile reference library app which is available for Microsoft, iPhone and Android devices. More than 5,000 users have downloaded the apps and we have hundreds of regular monthly users. 

The Reference Library app has all the great functionality of the Reference Library website as well as a few added features, like the ability to save content so users can readily access it later.

In 2015, Nasdaq also added the Governance Clearinghouse to the Listing Center, providing a forum to promote dialogue and exchange ideas on governance topics, trends and issues.  Since it was first launched, we have published more than 450 original articles and news briefs on a range of topics from cyber security to sustainability and board composition.

The Governance Clearinghouse thought leadership library has become so popular that in July it will be moving to and become part of our newly christened Governance Center where we will continue to provide thought leadership, trends and news on a wide variety of governance-related topics from a growing cadre of experts.

We will also continue to spotlight the governance best practices of our listed companies, as we did recently for Cardlytics, Heidrick & Struggles, and Wynn Resorts.  If your company has a unique governance story to share, please reach out to us at

Nasdaq is committed to driving the user experience forward as we continually look for new ways to ease the regulatory process and provide companies with the tools and information they need to succeed.  We are proud to provide this free resource to applicants, listed companies and their advisors.


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