BlackRock's Larry Fink Delivers Annual Message to CEOs
Publication Date: January 28, 2019

Each year, Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, delivers an annual message to executives.  In this year’s letter he calls on executives to be “leaders in a divided world” and stated that “stakeholders are pushing companies to wade into sensitive social and political issues — especially as they see governments failing to do so effectively.” The letter also reiterates last year’s plea for executives to focus on purpose and emphasized the "inextricable" link between purpose & profits. When it comes to preparing for this year's engagements, BlackRock's annual letter identifies these four priorities:
  • Governance - including the company's approach to board diversity;
  • Corporate strategy and capital allocation;
  • Compensation that promotes long-termism;
  • Environmental risks and opportunities; and human capital management.

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